My name is Morgan Bea Wanser, and I make things.
Currently I am based in Buffalo, New York but am hopeful of the day that I might travel back to Japan. (Maybe I’ll even move in this time!)

< Photographer: Matt Holt

Fresh College Graduate

I am passionate about printmaking and illustration but my degree is in graphic design. Some of my favorite pieces are multimedia, which allows me to create freely and use the best possible medium to achive each segment of the message I’m sending through my art.

Ever Moving Forward

My work has been featured in college literary magazine such as, University at Buffalo’s NAME Magazine and Medaille College’s Prelude. I’ve also hosted a solo exhibition at the University at Buffalo Project Space, and been a part of a collaborative installation at Silo City.


Link to my Current C.V.
Email me: MorganWanser@gmail.com