Hitting Home

This plaque was displayed on the walls of the Center for the Arts at SUNY University at Buffalo as a part of a student public installation initative. It is a multimedia piece using lettered beads that children use to create frienship bracelets, reimagined into a suicide prevention poster. Morgan drew from her own experience withContinue reading “Hitting Home”

Topography of Dysmorphia

A series of artworks that aims to literally “map out” the causes of dysmorphic feelings in an individual, utilizing the flat quality and symbolism of topographic maps. These multimedia pieces were shown for a solo exhibition in The Project Space at SUNY University of Buffalo during the month of May 2019

The Bare

Plaster amalgamation of deer skeleton and human neck (the artist’s).  The Bare exemplifies the animalistic tendencies of humans, creating a monstrous homunculi fused from the two bodies. The stag is an animal often hunted for sport: an ideal site of critique of both gender and violence.  The Bare Was featured in the 2017 edition ofContinue reading “The Bare”

MALT at Silo City

MALT (2019) is a contemporary installation based in Buffalo’s Silo City, a reclaimed grain elevator complex that now welcomes artists of all mediums to host their work. The piece itself is a series of abstract chalk paintings of wheat stalks, climbing the infrastructure of the entire American Grain Elevator. Here, Morgan emulates graffiti and streetContinue reading “MALT at Silo City”


I’m currently participating in a creative program to craft logos for imaginary companies each day, for fifty days straight! Keep up with my progress on my Instagram where I will be posting each day until the challenge is complete. If you find yourself to be interested in trying this out on your own, sign up toContinue reading “#DailyLogoChallenge”